Alan Ceccarelli - Technical Production Manager / Tech Director


I’m a Technical Production Manager with over fifteen years of experience professionally in the field and over ten years in education.  My talents include but are not limited to: set design, carpentry, lighting design, and production audio.  I have many years of experience designing for both educational and professional shows across the country.  I have worked in many different fields in entertainment technology and I enjoy passing my experience and knowlege to others seeking to make a career out of the theatre arts.  I have overseen two full theater renovations, and a variety of installation upgrades.  I have managed four separate venues as either a PM, TD, or both, and worked for a variety of companies in numerous roles. I have worked with professionals and students for many years and produced a countless variety of shows, many of which I have designed and built myself.  I am friendly, cooperative, and professional, and I know how to organize a crew to put on a show!

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