Alan Ceccarelli – Artwork


 I have been interested in Fine Art all of my life.  When I returned to get my bachelor’s degree it became my major as it was still considered a related field to Theater.  In my late twenties/early thirties, I branched out into oil painting and acrylics after studying figure art under my mentor Chalita Robinson who later became my inspiration to pursue teaching at the junior-college level.  Below is a small selection of work from my portfolio to showcase my artistic talent.


“Sara’s Backside” – 24″x36″ acrylic on canvas

bush oil portrait

“Bush”- 24″x36″ Oil on Canvas


“Reach” – 32″x32″ oil on canvas

Sister and kids oil

“Sister, Niece and Nephew” – 26″x36″ oil on canvas

Sara the Riveter oil portrait

“Sara the Riveter” – 24″x32″ oil on canvas

westernized Iraqi victim oil on canvas

“Westernized Iraqi War Victim” – 32″x48″ oil on canvas


“Pismo Beach” – 32″x48″ oil on canvas

self oil on wood

“Fauvist Self Portrait” – 36″x48″ oil on canvas

self oil and charcoal

“Self Portrait” – 24″x32″ oil and charcoal on wood

self acryllic

“Self Portrait” – 24″x 36″ acrylic and glaze on canvas

Alan Portrait oil on wood

“Portrait of Zimmerman” – 24″x36″ oil on canvas

“Steampunk Dr. Teeth” 32″ x 48″ oil on canvas

“Portrait of Jeremy and Ghostapus” 32″ x 48″ oil on canvas

“Keanu Bebop” 24” x 36” oil on canvas

charcoal nude

“Charcoal Nude” – 24″x36″ greyed page and eraser

Asole portrait conte on paper

“Asole Portrait” – 24″x32″ pencil on rag paper

dancer charcoal on paper

“Dancer 1″ – 20″x30” vine charcoal

dancer 3 pencil

“Dancer 2″ – 20″x30” ink

princess Angelina pencil

“Princess Angelina” – pencil on paper

Katie portrait pencil

“Katie Watson Portrait” – 24″x36″ pencil on paper