Alan Ceccarelli – Inventory



Lighting Instruments

Source 4 575/750w Profiles:  94 (total)

10 degree:  12

19 degree:  44

26 degree: 26

36 degree: 12

Source 4 575/750w Par:  52

Strand 2000w Fresnelite: 12

Altman 1000w 3-cell CYC lights: 8

Source 4 profile Pattern Holders: 12

Automated Luminaires

High End Systems/Barco Studio Spot 208v-575w: 2

High End Systems/Barco Studio Color 208v-575w: 8

Installed Lighting Systems:


FOH: ETC ION (EOS Family) Console with 10×20 side fader bank and two 19” swing arm

mounted touchscreens

Arch: ETC Unison “Paradigm” System

FOH: seven channel fader bank

Stage right: Unison “Paradigm” touch screen control panel

Lobby: five preset button control panel

Network: ETC Net3 protocol Ethernet Network for Data transmission

2 ea.  Two-Port DMX/RDM gateways

8 ea.  ETC Net3 network ports on all electrics/AP rails/Stage Left/Stage Right/Control              Booth


3 ea.  ETC 96 channel Sensor Racks

Dimming system is and installed “one to one” permanent patch.  All circuits correspond                                  to their dimmer number from the console

140 ea.   ETC Sensor/Unison 2400 watt dimmer modules

3 ea.      ETC Sensor CEM+ Control Modules


Audio Inventory:


FOH: Yamaha M7CL 48 channel digital mixing console

Monitor/Stage: Yamaha LS9 32/64 channel digital mixing console

The LS9 lives in a custom built roadcase with all inputs/outputs loomed to a forward facing          panel for ease of positioning on stage and access to an additional 32 channels via the   audio network.  Rack mounted inside are four Crown1000 amplifiers providing eight            powered channels for extra stage monitoring capabilities or off-site functionality)

Microphones (wired):

6 ea.        SM58 dynamic microphones (vocals)

5 ea.        SM57 dynamic microphones (drums, guitar, woodwinds)

4 ea.        KSM32 condenser embossed single diaphragm microphones

(vocals, chorus, acoustic, piano, percussion, woodwinds, brass, bass, guitar)

       1 ea.        BETA 52A dynamic wide diaphragm dynamic microphone

(kick, bass drum)

2 ea         KSM137 condenser instrument microphones

(percussion, cymbals, woodwinds, piano, guitar amp)

15 ea.      BETA 98H/C “clip on” condenser instrument microphones

(woodwinds, brass, saxophone, snare, toms)

Microphones (wireless):

20 ea.      Sennheiser ew300 G3 wireless recievers rack-mounted in booth

20 ea.      Sennheiser ew300 G3 wireless body pack transmitters

5 ea.        Sennheiser ew300 G3 wireless handheld microphones

20 ea.      Countryman e6 “earset” lavaliere microphones

20 ea.      Sennheiser ME 2 “clip on” lavaliere microphones

Audio Network:

4 ea.    MY16-EX Ethersound Network interface card

 (three in the M7CL and one in the LS9 providing 64 dual directional channels in one network)

1 ea.    LX16/16ES 32 channel Ethersound Network PC interface card providing access to 32 dual                              directional separate channels from the Ethersound Network for high quality digital audio                             recording/playback including post-production mixing

Analog Inputs/Outputs:

Unpowered Stage Monitors/PA Re-enforcement:

4 ea.        JBL TR105 15” two-way stage monitor

3 ea.        JBL SP215-9 15” two-way loudspeakers (bi-amped or passive crossovers)

2 ea.        Peavey SP 5G  15” two-way loudspeaker/stage monitors (bi-amped or passive crossovers)

2 ea.        12” Bullfrog two-way stage monitors

  2 ea.       Yamaha 2-way S4115H 15” loudspeakers

Installed Audio

House Public Address:

Center:             8 ea.    EAW NTL720 self-powered 3way line array loudspeaker module

Left/Right:        2 ea.    EAW NT29 self-powered, bi amplified loudspeaker

Subwoofer:       2 ea.    EAW NTS22 self-powered subs stacked in vertical tandem for                                                                       amplification

Processor:        FOH Rack mounted EAW UX8800 Speaker/System Processor and               networked to control room PC for access to a variety of sound profiles via   EAWPilot software package


Remote Access/Wireless Networks:

Lighting and Sound:

2 ea.       Linksys Cisco WRT610N Wireless Routers

1 ea.       iPhone 3G running ETC iRFR remote app for dimmer/console control and Cue access

1 ea.       iPad1 running audio and lighting control apps…

    • iRFR remote HD
    • LS9 Stage-mix
    • M7CL Stage-mix

1 ea.       Dell XFR Toughbook series Tablet PC running…

  • ETC EOS Family Shell control software – provides a “slave console” with full functionality at any of the number of installed ETC Net3 ports
  • Studio Manager – provides a wireless console emulator for both sound consoles providing full remote functionality from anywhere in the theatre
  • ESmonitor – provides programing/patching/direction for all cards/channels on the Ethersound network

Control Booth PC/Processing/Software:


Computer (FOH)

HP Z200 workstation:

CPU: Intel quad core i5 processor

4.00 GB Ram

64 bit OS “Windows 7”

500 gigabyte hard drive


10 GB Sound effects library referenced and indexed through iTunes

Full Adobe Suite including “Adobe Audition” used for the simultaneous recording and/or   playback of 32 channels of audio simultaneously for both education as well as                post production purposes

Studio Manager for live metering for both consoles from FOH and remote access

Also installed: EAW Pilot, Digigram control, ESmonitor, ETC shell,

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