Alan Ceccarelli – This Is A Test – Harvey Auditorium (B.H.S.) – 2006

This Is A Test – Harvey Auditorium (B.H.S.) – 2006

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“This Is A Test” was the one act that followed intermission after “Butterfly”.  It was a comedic romp though the mind of a stress addled teenager taking an important test in high school.  Usually, the performers who embody the principal character’s multi-faceted ego are either on a platform above, or slightly offstage of the action in the scene which takes place inside a classroom.  For this particular piece however, I decided to utilize the same projectors from the previous one act and project the three “alter-egos” live onto three RP screens hovering over the stage as “blackboards”.  I built a small “television studio” in the shop and fed live images to the projectors, setting each of the performers just outside of the lens fields of the other two.  This way, objects could be handed “ethereally” from screen to screen during the course of the action on stage below.  In the production photos, you can see me and two of the other adults “monkeying” around on screen.

For Production photos of “This is a Test” click HERE